Farnley Hall, which is the base for the Leeds City Council Parks & Country department, required the installation of 1 6kW V2G unit, managed by CrowdCharge and 1 7kW dual socket Ensto Smart charge point, managed by the MyEVS charging management system. The nature of the charge points at Farnley Hall means that fleet vehicles, staff members and the public, all needing to billed at different rates, will all be using the same charge point. The MyEVS charging management system supported this through the ability to manage charge point access and set billing for individual groups of users.

The second site, Knowsthorpe Gate, is the location of Environmental Services, with a number of Leeds’ 350+ electric fleet vehicles being charged there. The MyEVS charging management platform is being used to help distribute charging load across the site and schedule the charging of fleet vehicles to take place when energy is not only cheap, but green. 1 7kW dual socket Ensto Smart charge point and 5 6kW V2G units, managed by CrowdCharge have been installed at Knowsthrope Gate.


  • Full site assessment and feasibility study.

  • 2 x dual socket 7kW Ensto Smart charge point.

  • 6 x 6kW CrowdCharge Vehicle-to-Grid charge point.

  • MyEVS Charging Management Platform.

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